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[audio]Hi-Lar - 2405 seconds of - plainaudio
Tim wasn't too happy when we told him, that we plan to release his tracks in our Experimental section - "I've rubbed against the concept of Drum&Bass for quite some time. Though my horizon has broadened, these tracks were made with the aim and mindset of producing Drum&Bass. I am still interested in the dancefloor as far as intensity and sound aesthetics are concerned, but today I tend to make the music I feel like I personally have to instead of working with static conceptions and guidelines...
Keywords: drum'n'bass; experimental; industrial; noise; machine; antifunk; cycom; martsman
Downloads: 510
[audio][pp015mx] Repetition/Distract - Recordings 07/2004 - 05/2005 - plainaudio
The debut album of repetition/distract reveals sheer beauty. Full of strange noises, drones, post-rock-influences, feedback and ambient soundscapes, it sometimes makes "darkside" look like a sissy. Get out those headphones and turn the lights off. The songs on "Recordings 07/2004 - 05/2005" are of a laid-back deepness that is hardly to be found in electronic music at all. When listening to the organic shifts, it's sometimes hard to believe that the whole piece was programmed without using any li...
Keywords: postrock, drones, dark, rock, shoegazer
Downloads: 2,846
[audio]pp026md - plainaudio
Debut for London based new talent Fushara. Listening to the pack of tracks he sent us over the last months, we have the strong feeling that this young man should not stay unheard for any longer. With his distinct sense of how to balance rattling breaks on the one hand and meditative loopiness on the other, Fushara disabuses from the formula funky drums equals exhaustive top-heaviness. While A Side 'Rising' strongly pushes forward with its steady snare hits and sub-pads, B Side tracks 'Irrational...
Keywords: drums; breakbeats; drum funk
Downloads: 244
[audio]Mikrogram vs. Buzz - The Soul Box - plainaudio
After releasing two whole albums in the experimental section we are now proud to present "The Soul Box EP" featuring two tracks by plainaudio weirdo Mikrogram and (Drum &) Buzz. E Ditfest/A Side "The Soul EQ" comes up with an uncountable amount of breaks, beats, beeps, bleeps, blips/blipping, clipping, whipping your ears constantly at around 195,51 bpm (i'd say:(square)pushing forward): [(hardly countable; voices, hardly understandable; subs, hardly recognizable ; rhythms, hardly danceable; tens...
Keywords: drums, breakbeat, glitches, electronica
Downloads: 5,061
[audio]pp026md - plainaudio
Debut for London based new talent Fushara. Listening to the pack of tracks he sent us over the last months, we have the strong feeling that this young man should not stay unheard for any longer. With his distinct sense of how to balance rattling breaks on the one hand and meditative loopiness on the other, Fushara disabuses from the formula funky drums equals exhaustive top-heaviness. While A Side 'Rising' strongly pushes forward with its steady snare hits and sub-pads, B Side tracks 'Irrational...
Keywords: drums; breakbeats; drum funk
Downloads: 344
[audio][pp021mx]Ijo - Untitled EP - plainaudio
Ijo debuts on Plainaudio with an EP featuring four tracks of highly sophisticated Drill&Bass from the last 5 years. “My release for Plainaudio is totally different from what I've released in the past. Experimental Drum&Bass (for me, and Drill&Bass for others) was always my real passion”.Listening to Ijo’s EP is a physical experience and the proof that “real passion” leads to pain. “Moise Drill 2” opens up both the EP and your brain at the same time 2056 ghetto style...
Keywords: experimental drum'n'bass,drill&bass
Downloads: 3,497
[audio][pp012mx] Lxc - We Have To Hold Apart - plainaudio
Conceived as a kind of different Drum'n'Bass album for a couple of years, the LP entitled "We Have To Hold Apart" was born as a collection of really confusing & probably even refreshing Clicks'n'Bass tunes - until the Winter of 2002/03. Sharply cut pieces of old school drum machines and disfigured crackles of synthosaurs create a shaky uptempo 7/8th bleep blues. Everything is screeching on a dusty silver tray, tasty served with juicy FX...
Keywords: minimal, click'n'bass, electro, bleeps
Downloads: 2,896 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][pp009md] Martsman - Genom - plainaudio
Martsman's first release on plainaudio.com has mad potential. "Genom"'s funk-fueled new school beats are well combined with dread bass and spiralling delay fx. Martsman proves again that he is one of a few gifted producers to successfully connect the future to the past of drum'n'bass within just one track. "Let the bass kick..." "Antifunny" is exactly what the name suggests: a serious badass 80ies funk monster of a track with blazing fx and unexpected breakdowns...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, dubstep, newschool, funk, amen, roller
Downloads: 3,833 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Cartridge - No Data - plainaudio
We are proud to present Cartridge as our newest Drum & Bass Artist on Plainaudio. The man behind this name already has numerous releases on Labels like Freak Recordings, Bassbin and Nerve as well as early collaborations together with John Rolodex on Dread Recordings back in 2002. More known for the particular kind of music he had already put out, Cartridge debuts on Plainaudio with three pieces of (in his own words) "...the sound i wish 'Cartridge' would have been known for...
Keywords: drums, breakbeats, nintendo, 8bit, pop
Downloads: 789
[audio][pp005md] Iaka - The One We Like - plainaudio
iaka, label founder and dj, flexes his skills on this release. "the one we like" is his first output on his own label and it sports outstanding technique and unique sound. "the one you like" is a freshly shuffled roller featuring huge reese-bass clearly destined to get people's feet moving. it is very bass-heavy with occasional vocoder-vocals thrown in and reveals its full potential when the sequencer hookline finally hits you...
Keywords: Drum and Bass, Club, Breakbeat
Downloads: 1,508
[audio][pp006me] Mikrogram - Bolzplatz - plainaudio
The second release on plain electronics. Mikrogram's "Bolzplatz" enters the soccerfield with two techno tracks of a different nature. Bolzplatz is a raunchy stomper loaded with lots of twinkling effects, degraded noise and sounds from the echo chamber. Shifting between mysterious chords and mad noise, this track comes rollin' like a heavyweight truck. The second track, Hallfeder, is a minimal dubtechy piece representing the man's calmer side...
Keywords: Techno, Experimental
Downloads: 513
[audio][pp016me] Ramón León - James Monaco - plainaudio
Ramon's compositions are solely meant for the ambitious disco guest to gently trip off. Funk guitar, yeah-feelings and hands in the air meet with sample orgies, wafting synthy lines and bass drums which are almost as rough and warm as the coat of Bianca Jagger's mould. Most of the time, the beat is as straight as the highway to Las Vegas and as dry and hot as Death Valley. However, Ramon has identification problems with the disco priest John Travolta, in case you even care enough to ask.
Keywords: disco, minimal, techno, plainaudio
Downloads: 15,574
[audio][pp011md] Hek187 - Enemy´s Inside - plainaudio
Hek187 gives proof of his skills on three tracks going beyond the usual drum'n'bass routine: "Enemy's inside" comes with huge apache breaks and shuffles its way directly to the centre of your brain. An incredibly deep roller fuelled by pure street knowledge, perfectly balancing toughness and hip-shaking musicality. Even more b-boy attitudes can be found on "Mc Guyver", which starts off with a soft loop but progresses to grow darker all the way through...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, deep, roller, dark, sinister
Downloads: 1,097
[audio][pp007me] Manu Harmilapi - Suspect Error - plainaudio
Weird chopped up vocals mixed with 4/4 beats and a bouncy kickdrum are the ingredients of a fresh track: "Suspect" brings you minimalist electro deepness with a maximum hands-in-the-air factor. File under minimal pop. "Error" represents Manu Harmilapi's more experimental side. A very funky minimal tune and the secret A side to this release. Hypnotic, disturbing and pure. www.plainaudio.com
Downloads: 505
[audio][pp002vd] Barth - Schizophrenic - plainaudio
"What the fuck is a 2-step-beat?" ... such a saying could roughly describe the productions of Barth. The Amigaveteran has already shown that he's got the right sense for dodgy drum'n'bass productions. Barth previously released mp3-files on protocut.net, laying the groundwork for his debut on plain productions. As a "high-tech-audiofanatic" he fuses nested breakbeatism with funky sci-fi-sounds. His minimal productions feature high-quality sound design and go far beyond the straightness of other d...
Keywords: Drum and Bass
Downloads: 663
[audio][pp020md]Iaka - Es rappelt im Karton - plainaudio
Without a doubt, “Plainaudio” founder Iaka (aka Manu Harmilapi when it comes to techno), is one of the most active elements of the German Drum&Bass scene for years now. Not only that his „Drumbule“ parties based in Hamburg seem to be known all the way from Germany to Russia, but his love for the music goes back to the end of the eighties as well. Living in Cologne at that time, he started producing Acid and soon put out his first 7“ on “Sellout Records” soon followed by another 12...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, drumfunk, techstep, breakbeat, jungle
Downloads: 2,316
[audio]Simon/Off - Crime Ep - plainaudio
Though now hailing from Graz, Simon/Off presents us four tracks that can't deny their influence from the Vienna School: atmospheric Blip-Hop scapes meet Praterbreaks in a half empty Coffeehouse where you can smell the smoke of K&D's cigarettes slowly fading away. Advanced Highheel-Step for bitcrushing Anti-Hippies is the order of the day for the first two tracks "Easy" and "Away". Acid-reminiscences of early and mid nineties Warp Recordings set the tone and work hand in hand with Hardcore-stabs ...
Keywords: techno, electro, electronic, electronica
Downloads: 1,232
[audio][pp010me] Staub - Little by Little - plainaudio
Staub delivers three electronic tracks of the deepest kind on this first release, which clearly represents the moodier side of plainaudio. "Little by little" is a melancholic, yet fluffy electronica piece displaying Staub's talent for atmospheres and vibes. Think grainpads and 808 drums. The second track "Back then" is an homage to oldschool techno and one of these tunes, that keep digging deeper and deeper whilst maintaing a laid back groove...
Keywords: electronica, deep, techno, oldschool, atmospheric, moody
Downloads: 3,198
[audio][pp014md] Macc - Air Drumming - plainaudio
Macc shows up with three tracks of outstanding funkyness. A side "Air Drumming" comes with his trademark sound - nervously rattling breaks, a disturbing subbass line plus eerie fx and stabs that spiral up higher and higher into the stratosphere. With "Hallucination First", Macc shows his skills on how to build up a track with subtle yet steady suspense. "Refuge" rounds off the release in a perfect manner, giving you more of that ultra dry beatscience...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, choppage, breakbeat, drumfunk
Downloads: 1,731
[audio][pp004me] Manu Harmilapi - Plain Electronics - plainaudio
Two extremely sparse and debonair minimal tracks come from techno-veteran Manu Harmilapi and make it an eponymous first release. "plain electronics" creates a refined atmosphere of alienation, yet the two tracks proudly display their creator's club affinity by providing the ingredients of well-crafted clubtunes: pounding 4/4 beats, stripped down grooves and belting basslines. Manu Harmilapi's production is clear and precise, yet powerful and intriguing...
Keywords: Minimal Techno
Downloads: 644
[audio][pp001vd] Cycom - Void - plainaudio
// knowledge magazine [uk] Fans of old skool Photek and lovers of the new breed clinical sound of Teebee, Polar et al will be well into the lead track. Minimal, edgy and serious, 'Void' is a great tune, making its impact with razor sharp snares, ice-cold jazzy chords, lunar bleeps, bizarre vocals and punchy bass. /// nu-urbanmusic.co.uk [uk] Cycom is a little hidden gem for all the people who like their music deep...
Keywords: Drum and Bass
Downloads: 3,646
[audio][pp017md] Buzz - Revelation - plainaudio
Another stunning release from Buzz starts off with "Revelation", a piece that truly lives up to its name by providing cinematic soundscapes and eerie effects. Once the bassline gets you, the track grows deeper and deeper, drilling its way right into the heart of darkness. The second track goes by the name of "Dragon Love" and shows some of that old school droppin' science vibes. Retro fx and strong bass make this a burner...
Keywords: drum 'n'bass, club, drumfunk, plainaudio
Downloads: 3,485 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][pp008md] Cycom - Mathematics - plainaudio
Cycom comes with three new tracks ranging from tough roller to breakbeat funk. "Mathematics" is a bass heavy state-of-the-art club track: rave stabs, huge subbass, funky drums - it's all there. The second track called "Blow up" reveals the man's hiphop roots: deadly deep subs meet one head nodder of a beat... and it keeps rollin' and rollin'. And then there's the funked up mystery of "The Dream" bringing you broken beats combined with haunting atmospheres reminiscent of the early years of drum'n...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, breakbeat, funk, dark
Downloads: 788
[audio]Alpha Omega - Bad Karma - plainaudio
We are not only very happy but feel also deeply honored to present a release by avant-garde Drum&Bass legend Alpha Omega. From the man’s vaults come three tunes of outstanding deepness and darkness. The experience of over ten years of music production shine through every single second of each of the tracks and constantly give you the goosebumps while listening. “Bad Karma” - what a monster of a track - Ultra-Deep-Space-Dub&Bass...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, drumfunk, techstep, breakbeat, jungle
Downloads: 6,342
[audio][pp003md] Buzz - Soulburn - plainaudio
The perfect sound for the relaunch of our label this summer comes with Buzz' first release for plain productions. It combines the melodic deepness and funkiness of "Soulburn" with the edginess and drumscience of "Neo's Dream". Soulburn starts off with wide atmospheres and moody vibes and it wouldn't be a proper Buzz tune if it wasn't constantly evolving: the moody stepper soon becomes one beast of a track with lots of vocal-fx, chordstabs and massive drums...
Keywords: Drum and Bass
Downloads: 2,676
[audio][pp013md] Bad Matter - Soul On Fire - plainaudio
Bad Matter from Berlin comes with a fat headnodder release, which will ensure burnt dancefloors. 'Soul on Fire' combines original ravesounds, sinister vibes and way down pitched vocals to maximum impact. Expect finest beatswitching and sounds, which are always slightly badder than needed and definitely on point. The second tune 'Look' is a clever breakage-inspired amenstomper with dubby vocal effects and a megaton of subbass...
Keywords: drum'n'bass, breakbeat
Downloads: 919
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